Contest Rules and Regulations

T-Shirt Design Contest Prizes


The winning design will be featured on the official Rover Landers 2022 t-shirt and mug, recognition of the winner on the website and newsletter plus the designer will receive a $50 gift card for our Merch Club and a free Tee-Shirt of your design.


Design Rules and Guidelines


Design may not exceed 11” wide by 12” high.


Designs must include "Rover-Landers" or "Rover-Landers of BC"

The design will appear on the front of a solid-color shirt and potentially mugs etc.

The design must be wholly original. By submitting a design, you are guaranteeing that you hold original rights to everything in it, that it may be printed on distributed t-shirts, and that it does not contain any copyright material.

Entries should include the original file, a vector-based EPS file (only if possible, otherwise a high resolution JPEG or PDF file.  We can also scan drawings.)

Multiple entries allowed . Entries can be submitted by an individual or as a collaborative effort. See more on collaborative efforts below.
Eligibility: The contest is open to active Rover Lander members.


Upon submission you grant The Roverlanders of BC an unrestricted license in perpetuity to use your design in whatever form they wish. 

Rover Landers reserves the right to make adjustments to all entries, including colors of the design and the shirt.


Submission Rules and Guidelines


The competition is open until midnight on January 31st

Entries can be submitted using the "Enter Contest" button below


How the Winners will be Selected


The winning entry will be picked by our club executives.


Designs will be judged on the following criteria:


Concept and originality

Captures spirit of the Rover Lander community

Completeness of design and readiness for printing

Feasibility of reproduction

Adherence to design and submission rules and guidelines


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